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Linen. Fresh smelling linen

It is easy to make your stored linen smell lovely when you come to need it. Here are a couple of simple tips to have your linen smelling great:

  • In the linen closet place cotton balls that have been sprayed with your favorite scent. Once they are dry place them in corners and on the shelves.

  • When putting your favorite linens in for storage, putting an old perfume bottle in the closest opened you will be leaving that favorite scent on everything.

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Watch out for moths Comments By: carefulconsumer on 2004-10-19
I recently read in a magazine that prior to storing clothing, you should have the articles properly cleaned to rid all smells. Apparently, the smell (i.e. perfume, etc.) is what attracts moths, etc. to your clothing. This sounds like a good idea, but may not be worth it.

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