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Shower. Tips for cleaning your shower.

Cleaning your shower need not be a chore with these great tips to help you clean your shower.

Do you have problems reaching all areas of your shower when cleaning the shower walls, well use a sponge mop on a handle. This will allow your to deep clean your shower no matter how large.

For those water stains on your fiberglass shower doors, brush on a coat of acrylic floor finish. It will finish off those stains and put a shine on your doors.

Baby oil can help your shower doors repel dirt, soap scum, and hard water deposits. Rub a light layer of baby oil on your shower doors to keep them crystal clear for months.

Used fabric softener sheets also come in handy in the shower. Wipe down your shower doors with them. They won�t leave streaks or water spots.

Bathe the track of your sliding shower door with full-strength vinegar to make it like new. Let the vinegar sit in the track for a few minutes and then rinse it out.

Make cleaning mildew and muck on your shower tiles easy. Spray bleach on paper towels and spread them on the grungy areas and then leave overnight. The wet towels will stay in place and clean throughout the night. All you have to do is rinse off the tiles in the morning.

Follow this two-step tip to chase away shower grime and mildew. First, do a thorough job of removing soap and water residue from the tiles. Then rub on a layer of paste wax, like car wax, and buff with a clean, dry cloth. You�ll only need to reapply the wax about once a year.

You can make your own low cost shower cleaner. Pour 8 ounces of rubbing alcohol in a 32-ounce spray bottle and top it off with water. Spray this concoction on your shower walls and curtain after every shower. You won�t even have to rinse it off.

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  • Make it yourself shower cleaner: 8 ounces of concentrated all purpose cleaner (NOT the brown bottle Lysol though) pour into a gallon container that can be sealed (a well cleaned milk jug will work), add 16 ounces of rubbing alcohol and enough water to make a gallon of solution. Pour into a spray bottle and spray onto shower walls/floor/etc after each shower (or after the last shower if more than one simultaneously). That's it!!! Will eliminate the need to scrub the shower weekly. I can actually go 6 months without scrubbing if done religiously. Runs me less than $2 a gallon and works better than the store bought brands!

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Glass shower door and walls, tile walls and marble floors Comments By: Mom & Pop on 2007-08-03
I have a house that have glass doors, glass walls and tile walls with marble floors. All in one bathroom. My problem is when I clean the glass door and walls windex streaks down onto the marble floor when someone takes shower. This lead to having streaks and stain on the marble floor. What shall I do to prevent the marble on having these streaks and stains. Thank you for all your help.
vinegar for glass Comments By: cathy on 2010-05-05
you can buy a spray of white vinegar already mixed from chemi chem along with micro fibre cloths and this will do all sorts of glass, marble, tiles, even black gloss worktops and upvc frames basically all shiny surfaces.

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