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General tips for removing smells

Smells on carpets and fabrics can be a long lasting affair and difficult to remove. Really nasty odours are milk and pet urine. To remove this odor from your carpet or fabric, the best thing to use is soda water.

Wet a cloth with soda water and wipe the area. The smell will disappear.

Also to eliminate mildew, dust and odors, wipe down walls with vinegar-soaked cloth.

Filling a couple of saucers or small bowls with vinegar and placing them out of sight in a room will remove odours in the room. The vinegar actually absorbs the smell. It has also been said that ammonia will do the same, especially nice if you can obtain a scented brand. Make sure that you keep the bowls and saucers out of the reach of children and pets.

Baking Soda is very good at absorbing odours. Just sprinkle on a carpet or fabric leave for a little while and vacuum up.

Charcoal briquettes also remove odours. Just leave a tray with charcoal in a place where you want an odor to disappear from and it will.

Freshen the scent of your bedroom or bathroom without throwing away money on fancy-smelling air fresheners. Just put a fabric softener sheet in your wastebasket.

Or to hide odours around the home

To hide smells around your home here is a very quick solution. Put a few drops of your favorite perfume on the bulb of a table lamp and switch it on. The heat from the bulb will pass a fragrant aroma around the room

To remove odours (ie vomit or curry) if no baking soda is available burn several matches and blow out as soon as the phosphorous has burnt away, waft around the affected area. This may require several attempts, and doesn't seem to work with safety matches.

Another quick idea to hide odors in your home is to soak cotton balls in pure vanilla extract. Place the cotton balls in saucers and put them in each corner of the room.

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Awesome money saving tips! Comments By: mummaonthaedge on 2009-07-26
How much cheaper are baking soda and soda water then fancy house perfumes????
I have 2 babies under 3 and my front room rug gets milk and 'little puddles' all the time!
Thanks very much


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