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Bathtubs. Tips for cleaning your bath tub

Your bath tub can become quite dirty over time so keep in mind a few of these tips for effective and easy cleaning.

Rings in the Tub
To avoid bathtub rings, don't use oily beauty preparations in the bath. They leave a ring and also they make the interior of the tub very slippery and dangerous. Use a water softener if you live in a hard-water area; rinse the tub immediately after bathing. If a ring does form, wipe it off with a cloth dampened with white spirit. Wash oil immediately with a solution of washing up liquid and rinse several times. On plastic baths use undiluted washing up liquid.

Rust Rings
Often of you leave a metal can like shaving foam on the side of your bath, you will end up with a ring of rust from the base of the can. Well a simple idea to combat this problem is to cover the bottom of my shaving can with clear mailing tape.

Hard water stains
To get hard water stains off of the bottom of your tub, use a paste of vinegar and baking soda. Don't use this on fiberglass as the baking soda could scratch but on porcelain and cast iron tubs it is great!

Yellowing enamel
If your enamel is starting to yellow, yellowed enamel in your bathtub. A mixture of salt and turpentine can return it to its original whiteness.

More tips
If your paintbrush is ready for retirement, give it a new �haircut� and a new job. Trim its bristles very short, like a crew cut. Then use the brush to clean up some of your nastiest messes, like the gunk on your grill or the soap scum in the corners of your bathtub.

Visitors comments

Yellowing Tub Comments By: Steve on 2004-08-20
I have a tub shower combination that is about 22 yrs old. I know it is not enamel but I was wondering what would take it from the yellow color to the white it is suppose to be.

TipKing Says: 22 years is a long time. If the tub is plastic the plastic itself may well not be a yellow color.

BATHTUBS Comments By: jen on 2005-08-23
I run a motel and I use iron out or toilet bowl cleaner it bring it nice and white
two ideas for bathtubs Comments By: Ruth on 2007-03-16
I used to scrub and scrub until I discovered washing soda it is fabulous for general cleaning of the bathtub it cuts through rings and doesn't scratch. Just rinse well as it can be slippery.

For yellowing on plastic bathtubs try soaking with NAPISAN!! My husband uses it on old plastic toys to restore them, test on an incospicuous area first like a corner.

Washing Soda? Comments By: Taunya on 2007-07-01
What is washing soda? Never heard of it, but would like to know where i can purchase it>

TipKing says:Washing soda is generally available in stores that stock an extensive range of laundry detergent. It varies from country to country so I cannot be specific

using turpentine for tub yellowing Comments By: Sharon on 2007-09-29
I have a septic system and cannot use turpentine. What other measures can I take to rid the yellowing?
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