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Vomit. Remove the smell of vomit from carpets

Let the carpet dry out until morning.

Make a paste of baking soda and warm water, rubbing this paste into the carpet and then sprinkle some additional dry baking soda over the carept and let this sit for a few hours. When the paste is dry, vacuum it up, and scrape as needed to remove all the paste. This removes the smells that you thought would be there forever!

When ever a carpet needs a freshen up, do the same sprinkle baking soda over the carpet. Then vacuum up a few minutes later. It stops your vacuum from smelling too!

Visitors comments

cat vomit smell in carpet Comments By: bb on 2008-02-18
absolutely worked. great tip. thanks so much.
A+ Comments By: bazilia on 2009-02-28
nothing gets rid of this nasty smell i even steamed cleaned it.....but this does work..wow ty
it works Comments By: howard on 2009-06-07
even after 3 weeks (don't ask...)
Yes !!!!!! Comments By: Pete on 2009-08-29
Thank you it works
What a difference! Comments By: Tracy Barrett on 2009-11-13
Our daughter was sick all over the living room floor. Never thought we'd get rid of the smell but we have and so quickly. We will be telling everyone!
Sick smell has disappeared Comments By: Caroline on 2010-04-27
A solution of bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar works wonders. It has removed the lingering smell of child sick from my carpet. Will always use this in future. Cheap, simply and easy
This terrific tip will lead to other solutions! Thanks Comments By: AnnLSydney on 2010-08-08
What a virus. 3 out of 3 young adults (not kids) projectile vomiting, not one got the bucket. What a nightmare!Cleaned it up fine BUT the smell - horrible. Thanks to your tip the house is smelling like roses again.
I am smiling! Comments By: RB on 2011-02-19
my puppy of 6 mnths threw up on carpet last week the smell is hiddeous. Nothing has worked i am off to get the ingredients you all recommend and i will post again the outcome...fingers crossed..thanks all

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