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Toilet tank condensation

You can put a stop to condensation from forming on the outside of your toilet tank that then drips all over your bathroom floor. The first thing to do is shut the water off to the tank and then drain the toilet using a bucket. When the inside of the tank is empty, dry it out with a paper towel or cloth and then apply a thin coat of paste wax (floor or car will do just fine) to the inside of the tank and let it dry. Refill the tank and you will see a real difference!

The following was sent in by Pat D

For a sweaty toilet tank that drips on the floor, Try an aquarium heater in the tank, one made for a large aquarium. It will heat the water above the dew point and stop the formation of condensate.

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toilet condensation even after foam lining installed Comments By: Anon on 2005-07-07
Years ago it was the 'thing' to stop toilet condensation by buying a liner kit made up of styrofoam panels that were glued to the inside of the tank. Now the toilet tank has high levels of condensation on it again. (Has for years) The lining only worked for a while and I've been putting towels under the tank for years now. It's ruining my woodwork and the floor. Any ideas?

no sweat ! Comments By: DJ on 2008-02-10
Purchase a "anti-sweat" valve. It's a
component that mixes hot & cold water,
keeping your tank from sweating . Pretty
easy to install !

good Comments By: rita on 2009-02-25
does this valve work if you have a combi boiler and no hot tank?

TipKing says: I had a look on google but I am none the wiser

Comments By: gary on 2010-01-05
i haver one question. how well does this work if the water heater is a good distance from the toilet

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