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Mildew. Tips for dealing with mildew in your bathroom

Your bathroom is very prone to growing mold and mildew because the air often is damp. The most prominant places where mildew will develop is on the grout between your tiles and also in and around your shower walls, faucets and soap holders. Here is how you can fight back against mold and mildew:

Prevention is better than cure cleaning your bathtub and shower regularly can stop mildew in its tracks. That�s because a clean bathroom doesn�t contain the things mildew thrives on, like
soap scum, shampoo residue, and body oils. To deprive mildew of the moisture it needs, leave shower doors or curtains open right after you�ve bathed or showered. Keep the bathroom door open to dry the room out, too.

You can also prevent mildew from growing in the first place by running a squeegee over your tiles after every shower. Keep the squeegee in your shower stall so you won�t forget to use it.

After you use the shower leave the door or curtain open. Wipe down the walls to dry them with a towel or paper towel. Once they are dry close the shower door or curtain to allow that to dry as well.

If your shower is becoming mildew�s favorite hangout, mix three-quarters cup of bleach in one gallon of water. Rub this powerful solution on your tile and grout, and wipe down your plastic shower curtain. Once the mildew fades away, rinse with plain water.

If you find mildew on your shower curtain. Simply soak it in the bathtub in a solution of 1 part domestic bleach to 4 parts water, you can leave this soak over night for best results. Rinse well with water, then if the material allows it, machine wash for the best deep clean.

You can also kill mildew, by wiping down with vinegar-soaked cloth on a flat surface and allowing the curtain to air dry.

Here�s a tip for getting rid of mildew from your bathtub that requires practically no effort. When it�s time to clean your bathroom, start by dipping cotton balls in bleach and pressing them into the tub�s corners, where mildew is most likely to sprout. Leave them there while you finish cleaning. When you�re done, remove the cotton balls and rinse the corners with water.

To clean a fiberglass shower walls dip a damp sponge into some Baking Soda (Bicarbonate of Soda) and wipe over the surfaces. Rinse and dry, be careful as some areas can scratch.

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mould in the bathroom help Comments By: anon on 2007-08-23
great but what if neat bleach doesn't remove the mould? What then?
What do you use if the mildew is in the sink overflow? Comments By: Anon on 2008-06-27
How do you clean out the overflow part of a bathroom sink? If you pour a bleach or other solution into the overflow hole, the liquid just runs out the drain below the stopper so there's no way to hold it there long enough to do the job.
tried bleach Comments By: shaun on 2010-02-25
tried bleach and back after a week

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