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Organize your bathroom

Your bathroom is your retreat, where you can find a little bit of quiet time for a shower, bath or just to prepare yourself for your day.  The more people that are living in your home the more �stuff� you are going to find in your bathroom.  Your bathroom is going to appear cluttered and so small if you don�t organize your bathroom and maximize your space.

Here we are going to talk about the average 6� x 7� bathroom, with a tub /shower combination, a small two foot vanity with sink, with doors that open for space under the sink storage because most often we don�t find drawers in the smaller vanities. In your small bathroom you might have a medicine cabinet while others don�t, so imagine where everything would go if you didn�t have a medicine cabinet at all!

Let�s organize your shower and tub first.

If you have small children in your home, you are going to need to keep all razors up high. Most all showers have a little ledge on the top where you can easily put your razor out of children�s reach. If for some reason you don�t have a little ledge at the top of your shower, installing a very thin small hook at the top of the shower, you can hang your razor on it.  Or, if you like, you can install a toothbrush holder at the top of the shower so all razors are out of the way.

Using a shower caddy that will fit over the showerhead is going to keep your soap, washcloth and your shampoo all in one location.  No more little squishy soap when you use a shower caddy that has spaces in it to let out the water long after you are done taking a shower. Squeezing the top wires of the shower caddy together it will keep from slipping.

Now onto your sink�.

Keep a pretty basket on the sink.  You can keep your combs, dental floss, brushes and misc. things like nail clippers or emery boards all within reach. This little basket is a catch all for the things you can�t put in a drawer. Use an old pastel basket from Easter if you don�t want to go out and buy a new basket.

A toothbrush holder put on the wall will hold all your toothbrushes and the cups that you use for rinsing or you can buy special cups that are used to hold all the toothbrushes and cups for mouth care.  You are almost always able to find toothbrush holders that are going to match your bathroom d�cor.

Keep tissues on the back of the toilet where they will be kept handy and one won�t reach for the toilet paper instead.

Under the sink you can keep your extra toilet paper, extra tissues and personal hygiene boxes. 

Using a stand that goes up and over the toilet you are going to give yourself so much more space for storing towels.  Using a stand that is made of plastic or wire that is coated of plastic, you can clean it fast and it won�t rust like a metal stand might.

On the back of your door, you can install hooks so that robes and towels can be kept handy when they are not being used.  This way they are going to be �out of the way� and will make your bathroom look a bit tidier than having towels over the shower.

If you have to have a space to keep necklaces, consider using small nails or small hooks on the wall beside the mirror.  This way your necklaces will be out of the way for every one else in the house yet they are secure from going down the drain. You can keep small cups under the sink, one for each person, to use to put their jewelry in if you really need it.

So what about all the medications and similar stuff that you keep in the bathroom but don�t use that often?  Using a clear container about the size of a shoebox (or larger if you really need to) you can put all your meds in here for those days when someone has a sore throat, a bellyache or when they need an aspirin.  All you have to do is keep this under the sink with a lid on tight so everything will stay fresh for when you need it most.  If you have small children, you can keep this box on the top shelf of your towel rack above the toilet.  Using a colored box when you have to keep it in the open will add to your d�cor as well.

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