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Grout. Cleaning bathroom grout

Over a period of time your bathroom grout can start to look a little sad. So here are a few tips to spruce up your bathroom grout:

Erase dirt between your bathroom tiles with a circular typewriter eraser. Simply roll it along the grout to rub it clean. Many of these erasers come with brushes to sweep away the eraser dust left behind.

Use an old toothbrush to scrub the mildew from the grout between your tiles or any little area where mold is growing. For more stubborn stains cover them with a paste of scouring powder that contains bleach, leave for a few hours, scrub and rinse clean with warm water. There are also many commercial products on the market that will kill mildew that contain bleach as well.

Return grout to its original, bright color by gently rubbing it with folded sandpaper. To keep your grout looking like new, apply a coat of tile sealer.

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Clean mold from grout Comments By: Pat on 2007-02-25
Thank you for your suggestions. However, I have really bad mold and cannot use bleach as it discolours the tiles and bath.
I really need help.

bathroom gout Comments By: Lynn on 2007-09-08
I have used hydrogen peroxide and left it on for about 15 mins then took a toothbrush and cleaned it and that worked fine. I saw it on the cleaning station and thought I would give it a try.
Hope it works for you.

Tile grout and Silicone sealent cleaner Comments By: neil on 2011-02-03
To clean tile grout and silicone sealent around baths, sinks and shower trays that has gone mouldy. Apply Grotbuster, squeeze liquid onto grout and silicone and leave for several hours or overnight, next day you will have seen the magic happen.

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