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Faucets / Taps. Tips for cleaning your faucet or tap

Lemon juice is a powerful, all-natural corrosive that can remove built-up mineral deposits on your faucets. Try slicing a lemon in half and squeezing the juice on the metal. After waiting a few minutes, rub the faucet with the lemon slice and rinse. Repeat the process using the other half of the lemon if needed.

You can clean faucets by rubbing on a bit of vinegar and then drying and buffing with a clean soft cloth!

If you don't have any vinegar on hand you can clean your faucets in the bathroom using rubbing alcohol in the same manner.

Another way that you can clean your bathroom faucets is by using a bit of baby oil and a clean rag. Just rubbing on the baby oil and rubbing off with a clean cloth will leave your chrome shining nicely!

Once you have achieved a shine that you are happy with there is a sneaky way to keep that shine for longer. All you need to do is rub a little liquid soap over the shiny faucet and it will keep it's shine. Keep a bottle of liquid soap in the bathroom just for this job.

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Aluminum Foil and Hardware Comments By: Shandela on 2004-08-17
You can also clean your faucets or tap by rubbing aluminum foil on it. Takes off all hard water spots. Just roll it into a ball and rub then rinse with water.
Great tips Comments By: www.onlinebathrooms.com on 2009-01-19
some good comments, great stuff keep it up.

Great tip for faucets Comments By: Kohler Faucets on 2009-03-23
Knew about everything but the dish soap to rub to help keep the shine longer. Will definitely be trying that next time.



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