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Home made fly spray for horses

Submitted by Toni

Good Fly spray for Horses!

1/2 cup (Blue) Dawn Dish Soap
1/2 cup Vinegar
1/2 cup water
Just mix up all the above and spray on!

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another option to this recipe Comments By: Sara on 2004-08-24
As this is a fair recipe for fly repellant, the added vinegar will mix with the essential oils in your horses skin causing it to dry out and if used frequently can cause hair loss.

The best remedy for those pesky flies by far is 1 cup of water and one cup of listerine mouth wash. It works great I use it daily.

Listrine Comments By: michelle on 2008-06-11
ok I moved from california where my worst enemy was the house fly, wow here in missisippi I have airplane size flies biting my horses and I have tried the vinegar trick with no luck and listrine seemed to attract them more so I have no clue but will keep trying

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