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Chickens and eggs. Stop Hens eating their eggs

It is a very hard habit to break once your chickens have got a taste for their own eggs. They will devour them like a child does candy given the chance. So a very simple tip is to actually feed them some rotten eggs. It makes them think twice before turning on their own clutch.

However it is also an idea to prevent the problem before it becomes a problem. A dietary supplement of ground oyster shells will correct any mineral deficiency that may motivate the hens to turn on their offerings. You can obtain ground oyster shells at any agricultural feed suppliers.

If you cannot get hold of ground oyster shells or would like to use an alternative then save the egg shells that you use. Wash them clean and bake them in a hot oven for 20 minutes. When they have cooled grind them up and add to the chickens food. This will achieve the same effect as the oyster shells.

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Not a hard habit at all Comments By: Sue on 2009-01-31
I had the same problem, no eggs at all from 9 hens. I went to the local Produce shop and brought 2 white plastic eggs and popped them in the nest. Sure enough 4 girls came flying at them pecking like crazy. I then gave them a container of shell grit and hung that on the side of the cage so they couldn't kick it everywhere. Over the next couple of days our egg supply went up and up. We now get 9 eggs per day and the plastic eggs are still in the nest and a healthy supply of shell grit everyday. http://chickenlittleeggmunchers.blogspot.com/

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