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Vacuum Fleas. Tips to deal with fleas in the home

If you have fleas in your home you can sweep them up using your vacuum.  The trick is to make sure that you put the sweeper bag in to a plastic bag and tie it tight and throw it away so you are getting rid of that many more fleas.

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Spray the bag!!!!! Comments By: Marie on 2005-06-30
Start with a new bag and spray inside with flea spray. This will help insure that they are dead after vacuuming. Discard after use.
Control Comments By: Theresa on 2006-10-10
Vacuuming only keeps the flea population under control. They still breed and lay eggs which hatch into adult fleas. I would recommend that a bug bomb, or fogger be used once a year even if have no signs of bugs. Better to be safe than sorry.

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