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Don't be late for appointments with these ideas

There is no such thing as being fashionably late for an appointment. If you are always late, you are guilty of wasting other people's time and will certainly gain a bad reputation for it.

Here are some habits that will help you become more punctual

  • Give yourself extra time, just in case you're delayed by weather, traffic or other circumstances.

  • Keep only one diary; carry it between your home and workplace.

  • Use a watch, a calculator or an electronic organizer with a beeper to remind you when to leave.

  • If possible, travel by scheduled public transport, such as a train, so that you'll have to depart at a set time.

Lateness in others

  • Ask a chronically late person to call you just before he leaves.

  • Avoid meeting him for scheduled events, such as films or concerts.If you must do so, plan to meet early, perhaps for a meal.

  • Arrange to meet where it is convenient to wait.

  • If your doctor or dentist is known to overbook patients, call first to see if he's running late.

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