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Being organized even if you have a baby or toddler

We have to ask ourselves what is important. If we have high standards in our home maybe you will have to let them slip a little if you have little or no help around the home.

Concentrate your time on the important things and that is baby and your partner.

If you are exhausted during the week then as soon as baby has gone to bed leave everything and go to bed yourself. In the morning you will probably have more energy to face the chores. You will probably be able to do them quicker as well.

Use disposable nappies (dypers) and make sure that all the Childs clothes are machine washable.

Make sure that you have plenty of babies linen for the cot, and as many changes of baby clothes that you can afford, this will cut down on the amount of time spent washing.

A food processor is invaluable for quickly preparing the young ones food.

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