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Working Mom Basics of being a working mother

If you are a working mother then you should read this

  • Rule number one The family come first before the housework!!

  • Don't feel guilty You have to think of yourself.

  • Enjoy going to work. Keep the housework simple, do not put too much on yourself.

  • Labour saving Use your wages to make your life easier, The easier it is, the more energy you will have to succeed and earn more money.

  • Equip the home with labor saving devices such as dishwashers, slow cookers etc.

  • Keep everyone in the picture Let your children know why you are going to work and what the rewards will be for them. Let them know when they will see you next and tell them of the plans you have.

  • Tired and cross It happens to us all. So if you are coming home tired and cross and you are the last one in the house, get someone to make you a nice cup of tea or a relaxing drink of your choice, when they hear you arriving. It will help you feel relaxed. The maker will feel useful and therefore everyone will be happier.

  • Other ways to relax are to have a bath, anything just to change your mood from the workplace to the loving environment that we all adore.

  • Children Invent some useful games. Use plastic plates and cups for their evening meal. Teach them the washing up game. Fill the sink give them a plastic apron each and let them get on with it. You will find that they will enjoy it. Don't forget to reward them.

  • Nursery and cr�ches When you pick your little ones up give them an hour of your undivided attention. They will be more likely to settle down and give you some peace later on.

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