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Useful filing categories to help you get organized

Here are some basic filing catagories to help you get organized in the home or office.

  • Pending. Use this for unpaid bills and correspondence that needs doing like letters.

  • School correspondence This will include letters from the school and information.

  • Other correspondence Separate this into 'private' and 'other'

  • Financial Bank statements, mortgage papers, insurance documents, pension schemes, credit card statements, and any other relevant information Car Road tax, insurance, registration, purchase or hire agreement, clubs associations, driving license, service records and receipts.

  • Home Papers relating to repairs or maintenance work, decorating work materials used, where they were bought from and receipts.

  • Paid Invoices Receipts from transactions. Guarantees and instruction booklets, leaflets.

  • Hobbies and interests This could include catalogues, suppliers of say craft products, children's mail order, cuttings from magazines, information on clubs you belong to, newsletters.

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