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Planning meals and food for working mothers

Working mothers need to plan the mels and food buying for the home

  • Shop once a week for the whole week. Try to shop at late opening supermarkets and do the shop during the week to avoid the weekend rush, which will inevitable mean crowds.

  • Organize meals for the week. Freeze meals so that they can be defrosted when needed. Another good idea is slow cooked meals that will be ready when everyone comes home. Salads are also quick and easy to prepare.

  • Buy ready made salads and special meals from delicatessens sometimes as a treat for you and the family. The occasional treat is the spice of life so never feel guilty for taking this easy option.

  • Give your children a good start to the day by making sure they are up early enough to have a nutritional breakfast before the day starts. That way breakfast will not be rushed and there will be no panic.

  • For a simple breakfast that can be got together quickly but will be of good nutrition, try the following; Orange juice, milk for the children, tea or coffee for you, cereal with fruit and toast or bread.

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