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Storage. Store everything in it's place

Everything should have it's place, so it will always be close at hand.

  • Store kitchen utensils in special compartments within the drawers close by the stove and sink. Hang items where they are useful near the work area that you most use or even above the work area for easy reaching.

  • Keep your plates and other bowls in a cupboard or shelf near to the washing up area or near your dining area so you can easily reach them or put them away fast.

  • Tools and equipment should be stored in a toolbox or hanging where you know where they are and can be reached quickly when you really need them most. A closet, basement corner or a shelving arrangement works great.

  • Coats and boots are the worst to keep organized. If at all possible keep them on hooks and racks near the entrance or in the mud room.

  • Try to keep all things off the floor. Brooms and mops can be hung on the wall just using a nail, shoes can be on a rack even your ties and belts can be hung nicely.

  • Toys, well don't you just love tripping over them. They should be stored in boxes. Large toys separate from the smaller ones, this way the big ones will not break the smaller one.

  • Keep a toy box in each room so you can throw toys into a box regardless of which room you are in and your house will always appear neat and clean.

  • Always have spare fuses, a torch and a small electrical screwdriver that should be kept by the fuse box. Keep spare bulbs and plugs, they are always handy to have in those cases of emergency. Especially if you can find them when you need them when the lights are out!

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