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No hoarding organization tips

Having a good clear out is good for your home and your sanity. So throw it out if you do not need it. If your house is full of old belongings then it is a difficult house to clean. These things never get used, even if you wanted them you would never know where to find them.

  • Throw away anything that you have not used in the last 12 months.

  • Get rid of anything that your children have grown out of.

  • Throw away anything that is broken, worn out or unused. Don't keep old sneakers you will never need them.

  • DO NOT throw away any toys without asking the children first. It could save lots of tears this way.

  • Dispose of all out of date medication. Pharmacists can dispose of unused medication. So run it along to your neared chemists or drug store.

  • Get rid of all the old newspapers, magazines and periodicals, drop them off at the local hospital or doctors surgery.

  • Charity shops will be glad to receive any clean and useful items that you throw away.

  • Use online auctions such as ebay to check out if anything you are throwing away is of value. If it is sell it.

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