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Working Mothers Home and Housework organization tips

Being a working mother can make many extra demands on ALL members of your household. Here are a few little ways that you can consider:

  • Chore lists  Beleive it or not, don't make chore lists of who does what. It will probably be pushed back at you. However if you are cooking than you can quite reasonably expect someone else to lay the table and do the washing up.

  • Beds and Bedrooms  As soon as the children are old enough make them responsible for making their own beds and tidying their own rooms. Don't forget rewards!!

  • Bedding  Use duvets and fitted sheets. These will make laundry and making simpler

  • Extra Work  Do not make extra work for yourself, don't iron underwear, towels, sheets. There is no need. Buy clothes made of fabric that wash easily, easy to iron and drip dry. Don't bother peeling some vegetables before cooking them. e.g. potatoes, carrots etc.

  • Prepare  Get things ready the night before, clothes, lunch boxes etc

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