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Make lists to make life easier

Making lists is a very good way or organizing your life, home and mind.

  • Reminder lists on wipe clean boards, black boards etc placed on the wall are an excellent way of reminding other people and yourself of things that need to be done, or important dates.

  • A wipe clean board or blackboard is especially good for a 'running' shopping list. Other members of the household can write down things that are running low or have run out. If everyone plays their part it will save you time running around the home before your weekly shop.

  • Some people have a day book. In this book they list all the things that need to be done on that day. Chores, telephone calls, letters to write and so on. Each item can be ticked of as they are done. This system has helped me many times. You know when you have a day when you just feel awful and want to have a rest. All you think is 'I should be doing this or that'. You never get to rest as you are worried that you should be doing something. With the day list you can place jobs into the following lists:

    • Has to be done today.
    • Has to be done but another day will do
    • We think it needs doing however it really doesn't so forget it.

This is a form of anxiety management, It will make you feel more relaxed.

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