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Have a year planner for getting organized

Year planners are good in business why not the home?

Offices and businesses have year planners for keeping dates, holidays and important dates. Then why not take advantage of this excellent organizational tool. You can buy wall charts at most stationary stores.

On the calendar fill in dates such as:-

  • Birthdays and name days like bank holidays

  • Holidays (yours, the children's, family, company work, home help, school etc)

  • Wedding anniversaries

  • School parents evening, concerts, prize giving's

  • Doctors, hospital and dental dates

  • Visits from friends and relatives

  • Appointments with service engineers gas, electric, etc

  • Plan special family days. All the family will be able to look forward to the day and have plenty of time to prepare.

  • Dates when magazine renewals are due. (They have a habit of surprising me as they generally come up only once a year)

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