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Priorities in getting organized in the home

It is very important for us to be organised in the home. Here is a list to bear in mind when organising your home.

  • Your home should offer harmony, relaxation, comfort and a warm loving atmosphere

  • Your home should be orderly but not run like an army regiment.

  • The home should be comfortable, you should not be tripping over too much furniture, we all need room to breathe. It should not be so formal as to not allow yourself to relax after a hard day.

  • It should be tidy but not sterile.

  • The home should be safe, we need to feel safe in our homes in order to relax. Many homes are unsafe with bad lighting, unsafe electrics and things to trip over, children and the old are particularly at risk.

  • You should therefore keep your home in a good state of repair. A job put off to another day can be a job that never gets done, escalating into  a massive repair bill later on, procrastinating these maintenance jobs will only bring heart ache at a latter day.

  • It should be clean but not to the point of obsession. What you should be insisted on is cleanliness and correct procedure in the preparation, storage and management of food.

  • We should have a well stocked food cupboard or larder, this can be done cheaper than you would think by as stocking up with the essentials. This will avoid the expensive trip to the local store in the middle of the night and paying over the odds prices.

  • There should be a carefully planned budget in the home. This will enable you to live comfortably WITHIN your income.

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