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Organize time Set aside time for home office jobs

You need to make a small amount of time for home office jobs

  • Set aside time everyday to deal with phone calls, letters, and bills. Should not take long not much more than half an hour. You may not need that much time every day but it is better to be safe than leave these things to their own devices.

  • Keep an ongoing list of people you need to call or letters you need to write. Keep it by the telephone for easy reference. Tick each one off as they are done.

  • Keep all current letters bills in a box all together. Go through the box regularly, once a week or month.

  • Once paperwork has been dealt with, file it away in an indexed file so you will be able to find it incase of an emergency.

  • Keep all your guarantees together in one place, and keep them until they have expired.

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