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Christmas Tips Things to do Christmas Week

This last week before Christmas can be quite busy. The children have finished school and are excited and you have lots to do. During this week you should plan your Christmas menu.

Write out your grocery list for Christmas Day eating. Don't forget to include breakfast as well as your gala dinner menu. Shop early in the week to avoid the large crowds. Decide which food items can be cooked in advance and do a little each day.

A family activity this week could be to teach your children to crochet for Christmas. It is something that they are going to remember for years - both boys and girls can do it. Just making long chains of your favorite Christmas colors, these chains can decorate the tree, plants in your home.

On Christmas Day

Make a scrapbook of this year's favorite Christmas cards.

If you are expecting guests for Christmas dinner, here is a suggestion that might alleviate some of the stress. Shortly after guests arrive, pass the holiday hat. Tell each guest to pull out a slip of paper, which contains an assignment, such as mash the potatoes, set the table, fill glasses, make gravy, carve the turkey, cut pies, give the prayer. Children may be included too. Place the easier jobs in a different container for them.

Start a new family Christmas tradition such as taking a walk on Christmas afternoon.

Plan a late-night snack around the hearth. Pop popcorn in the fireplace. Snuggle up in quilts and talk about what made the day special.

After the Holiday

Purchase half-price wrapping paper and decorations during the after-Christmas sales. Make a note of what you have purchased so you don't forget!

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