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Have you ever felt like you are always out at the store buying toilet paper so you stock up on as much as your cart will hold and then you have to find ways to store it in your house without filling up the entire closet? Well, here are a few great ways that you can store toilet paper in your home, without having to be so �obvious� about it!

So maybe you are thinking that this is a silly top. There are many new homeowners, or homeowners with very little space that will find these tips just great � read on and find a storage method that may help you free up more space for towels, cleaning supplies and more when you learn to store your toilet paper in different ways!

Sliding cupboards above the toilet make a great hiding place for toilet paper to be stored so you can reach it when you need it and it is easily stacked inside as well. Shelving in the bathroom is a place where you can place lots of toilet paper without having to worry about running out of space. The number one thing about storing toilet paper in a cupboard is to take it out of the huge package that you bought it in and stack it.

You can also stack toilet paper in the linen closet or under the sink in the bathroom. Some people will store toilet paper right on the toilet; just one or two rolls there and the rest are hidden away. You can also make or buy toilet paper holders, thin long containers that you can fit four, six, or eight rolls in. Often these are decorated to fit the theme of the bathroom and sometimes there are crotched covers that will fit over a number of rolls so that you make the bathroom pretty and lively while storing your toilet paper as well.

If you really have hit a sale price in the store and you are stocked on toilet paper, be sure to put some in each bathroom, under the sinks, in the shelving, and maybe even one or two on the toilet. There are coverings for toilet paper rolls just like tissue boxes so you can store them on the back of the toilet if you need. The rest, you can store some in the laundry room, on the highest shelves out of the way or you can throw a few packages in the attic. No matter what, if you throw a few packages in the attic you are always going to know it is there when you don�t have any left in the attic. If you have a storage room in the basement, this is also a good place to keep a few packages � out of the way but handy at the same time.

One great place that many people have found that they can store goodies that they need for the house is under the bed. Usually under the bed is the last place that you would think of, but the rolls fit there so well and if you are really stocked up on toilet paper this is the perfect place to store it because it is slim and fits so well under the bed.

If you have a small cupboard above your fridge, you know the one that hardly ever gets opened, this is a great place to store a few packs of toilet paper. While you will always know where it is, this keeps it out of plain view when you have a very limited space. This is an option for all type of paper products in your house, away from moisture and within reach when you need it most.

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