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Christmas Tips Things to do First Week of December

One of the best ways to deal with any up and coming event is to prepare a list. Start a master To Do list and keep it handy. Look it over every morning; cross out each chore you accomplish and add the new things that come up. Delegate as much as you can to other family members (even the littlest ones can help out!).

Discuss realistic gift expectations with your spouse and children. Talk openly about how much money can be spent and stick to your budget! You will find that it will be less stressful when everyone is in the picture as to how much is going to be spent.

Schedule a night for the entire family to write out Christmas cards. Set up an assembly line with Mom, Dad or older children signing and addressing cards, while younger children seal the envelopes and place the stamps on the envelopes.

Even small children need to be a part of the holiday preparations. And they can help in lots of ways, such as creating a memorable family Christmas card. Let them pick out a favorite family photograph to include inside the cards you mail out!

Wrap and mail parcels and presents to your out-of-town relatives and friends.

Make sure you keep the calendar up to date so that everyone knows what is going on Find out the dates for Christmas programs at school and note them on the calendar early so you won't have a conflict. Jot down holiday parties and social events you're committed to.

Take inventory of your holiday decorations and lights. Make a list of necessary replacements and additions; shop for them now.

Decorate your front door and the outside of your house. Put up Christmas lights.

Cut herb stems from your garden, tie into bundles and dry them for use in your fireplace.

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