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Christmas Tips Things to do Second Week of December

If you really want to get into the holiday spirit how about trying this? Record a Christmas song and accompanying Christmas message from your family on an answering machine. Your callers will be put in the Christmas mood.

Keep family members who are scattered around the country close in one another's hearts this holiday season. Make early plans to have everyone join with you in a candle-lighting ceremony on Christmas Eve. At a pre-arranged time, have each person light a candle while making a special wish for the coming year. This loving thought will bring family members together spiritually although they are far apart in miles.

Choose a time when everyone will be home and have a decorating party. Play Christmas music and trim the tree together. Let each child decorate the door to his or her own room. Have a special but simple dinner; have on hand plenty of eggnog and perhaps a snack.

This is a great time to make sure that you have everything you need for your dining table. Is your table cloth big enough? Do you have enough knives and forks? Glasses? Napkins?

Let each family member choose an activity-a visit to Santa Claus, a local performance, a Christmas play, concert, or a walk around the mall to look at decorations-whatever is available in your community-so long as you do it together.

Wrapping gifts can be a pain at the best of times so set up a gift wrapping station. Keep boxes, wrapping paper, scissors, tape, bows and tags in a box, drawer or closet that is easily accessible. Wrap a few gifts at a time.

Plan a special shopping day for the kids. Set aside an afternoon or evening for Mom to take the kids to buy Dad's present and for Dad to take the kids to buy Mom's present. Let children spend the money they have earned, or help them out by matching each dollar they've earned with one of your own.

A nice touch is to have a Just the Two of Us dinner where Dad and Mom take the kids to dinner after the shopping excursion. Don't forget to make a date with your spouse. The two of you can spend the evening shopping for the kids and then enjoying a quiet dinner alone together at a favorite restaurant.  

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