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Five Fast Tips for Starting Conversations

Do you often find yourself running into people you don�t know, or in places where you always seem to be the new person with no one to talk to? You can start new friendships or at least make new acquaintances when you start talking to others. Making new acquaintances will help when you run into these people again at school functions, business functions, when you are at parties and so many other places! Getting to know people, opening up and talking with someone new is always hard the first time, but after the first couple of words are said, you will find that a conversation is easy after all!

  1. When you are walking into a room for the first time, be sure to look everyone that you come into contact with in the eye and say hello as you are walking by. If you can easily say hello to those you are passing by when you are walking by as you go into a room, you are that much closer to striking up a conversation with someone else because you are going to have �broken the ice� already if you run into those same people again during the course of the night or event. 

  2. If there is a table with drinks like coffee or tea, walk up to the table and grab a cup for yourself. Be sure to take notice of anyone standing in line or around the table already, making it a point to ask someone who already has a cup if the coffee is good, or is the tea hot, or maybe you could ask where the decaf is. Starting out a conversation with something as simple as this will get you at least acquainted with someone else. Talk about what the party or even is for; mention something about what they are wearing or just how wonderful the place is � these are great openers to make a conversation with a stranger.

  3. Arrived at a party where you know no one at all? Use name tags if they are provided so that everyone knows that you belong at the party or event and they will also know how to address you. Don�t stand in a corner, but walk to the center of the room or the seating and sit where you find there are lots of people. It is going to be difficult for that first second or two, but look everyone in the eye and say hello as you sit down. If someone is talking, be sure to wait until they are finished talking and then say hello to everyone, introducing yourself, as xxxx from yyyy and you will find that everyone will also start rattling off who they are and where they are from in no time at all. Because you are going to be sitting with others, you can listen to a conversation and jump in if you like, or you can listen to the conversation and nod appropriately as you get a better understanding of who all the people are in this group. If you don�t like one group, move on to another easily by saying excuse me, to the group that you have sat down with first off. 

  4. Smokers at most parties will stand in certain areas of any type of event or they will walk out in the hallway during an event to have a cigarette. If you smoke, you can easily start up a conversation with another person that is smoking in the hallway by stating something about how nice the area is, how the event seems to be going off without a hitch, or something about how you each know the host/hostess. Anything that is said about the atmosphere in general, or the people at the event in a general fashion, can be a start to a conversation that could continue when you see each other during the event again. 

  5. Have you seen someone sitting in a group of chairs alone, sitting on the couch, or standing by the drink bowl alone? You can easily strike up a conversation by using the old stand by, for example, �Hi Harry�, and then you realize it isn�t Harry, and you can break off into, �Oh, I am sorry, you look so much like this one good friend of mine that I haven�t seen in ages� and then you can ask what their name is or introduce yourself. Without your acting too nervous about making this mistake of �mistaken identity�, you will find that generally people are more than willing to talk about their selves, their name, where they work, where they are from, how they came to be at this place and so on. It isn�t like you are out looking for a date while at this business, event, meeting, place or convention, so you can strike up a conversation and stop a conversation at any time without having to worry about really ever seeing this person again. 

The most important �thing� that you can do when you are going to a new place where there are fresh new faces that you don�t know is to walk up and put yourself in the middle of things. Pretend, in your mind, that you are the new kid in school � and you are out to make at least five new friends or acquaintances during this time. If you find it is easy to talk to one or two people, you could be easily mingling all night long with out much effort at all. By the end of the night, you can put all your business cards, phone numbers or email addresses in one spot in your wallet or purse so you can keep in contact with these people � never know when you might run into them again!

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Tips unreasonable for shy ppl Comments By: Anon on 2004-09-14
I don't go to parties, and I'm a really shy person. It's so hard to actually just go up to the people, or look them in the eye. Especially large crowds of people. Those intimidate me...
not a big deal Comments By: tony on 2004-09-30
I think that the thing about confusing the friend that you havent seen in a long time is not very cool, you don't have to act stupid just to talk to somebody, just say something funny and people will just start talking to you.

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