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How to remember birthdays, anniversaries and special days

No matter how busy you are in life, there are special days that you will need to remember in life. Some of these very special days include birthdays of your parents, siblings, children, your spouse and possibly your co workers and friends. Anniversaries, holidays, and other special events happen all year long as well. If you have a large family, how can you possibly manage it all? Remember all of those days and whose special day it is? Here I want to tell you about a few great tips that you can use so you are always on top of what is going on and who you have to remember on these special days!

It is not going to be easy but you are going to have to make up a listing of everything. Once you have this complete list, you are always going to be able to stay on top of all the special occasions without any extra work. It is going to be very easy to add other things and events to your special listing as well. 

How will you build your list?
Start with your memory, and your own family. Write down everyone that you know and their birthdays that you remember. Then you can call certain other members in your family to find out what special dates you are missing. Now you can move on to people that are your friends, extended family, co-workers, godchildren, and so on. Using your email is an easy way to gather up information without having to make to many phone calls but you have to be sure to enter this information on your written listing before deleting it. 

What to do with your listing of days 
The calendar that you use the most in your home is where you should take this list of special days and write in the birthdays that you have gathered. At the beginning of every year, you are going to repeat this same task. You can put a little cake on these days and then refer back to your written list, or you can write the persons name on the calendar. Your written list will always be your back up and will always be needed at the first of the year when you are starting a new calendar. 

If you have a computer, your email program usually has a calendar available free. You can insert your holidays, birthdays and anniversaries there and you will always be reminded a day a head of time if you like. Along this same line of thinking, there are various online programs, free, which will send you a reminder to your email when it is someone�s birthday. You can just enter the information one time and it will work for you all the rest of your life! To find such free software and programs, type in birthday reminder, free reminder email, or similar wording in your favorite search engine. Remember; don�t pay for what you can get for free!

What else can you do to lighten your load of birthdays during the year? When you have a bit of free time, and who does right? You can go to a thrift store, purchase all the cards you are going to need for the year (in the dollar store you can find them two for a dollar and sometimes cheaper!) and put them in a box. Then, when you are reminded by your email book, or your calendar, you can just address the card and send it out. No running to the store, and no more forgetting. Every one is going to think you are so on top of everything! 

If you don�t want to go out and buy all those cards, you can print them off your computer. Just make up a template, and for every person that you need a card for you can change the wording a bit. This is a very inexpensive method of meeting all of your greeting card needs. 

Postcards are becoming all the rage around the world. Writing and using postcards on holidays, birthdays, and special occasions is actually quite acceptable. If you find a good deal on postcards, don�t be afraid to use them and send them out on those special days that keep creeping up on you.

Happy celebrating!

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