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Preparing for power cuts

The big storm hits, the lights flash and then all the sudden your electricity is gone.  Another scenario is possibly where the circuits of your electric power provider are over loaded and you are left in the dark for hours, days or even weeks.  We have come to rely on many things in our modern life and electricity of just one of those things.  But, for your own safety and for the safety of your family you should be prepared with a few things just in case you didn�t have electricity for at least two days.

Just thinking about not having electricity for two days � what would you do?  Reading through the various scenarios you will realize how much you might want to prepare your own home for those times if and when the �lights go out�.

Does your heat run on electricity?
If the electricity was to go out for more than twelve hours and it is the middle of winter how will you and your family stay warm?  You need to plan a few things out.  You should have some type of alternative heat if you live in the suburbs or in the country where you would need to travel to get additional shelter.  Your planning for when the �lights go out� could be simple as remodeling a bit to include a propane heater / fireplace in your home.  Safe, efficient and beautiful to have in your home!  Other alternatives include a wood stove, a kerosene heater or another types of stove that would require you to �fix� the fire to keep warm.  Don�t go over board, this is just a back up alternative when you don�t have heat.  Even if this furnace just takes the edge off the cold in one room you can your family would be much more at ease.

Does your water run on electricity?
Many pumps and water systems do require electricity to run.  With out water you really couldn�t cook, wash, or even flush the toilet!  In the middle of winter you can get buckets of snow and melt it to make water for flushing the toilet and washing up if needed.  You can keep just a gallon or two of water in your fridge (not only for drinking but also for cooking) to use when needed.  Some people keep a gallon or two of bottled water in the pantry for those in case we every need things.

Does your phone need electricity?
If the electricity is out it doesn�t always mean that your phone line is out, but if your have a cordless phone, your phone may not work when the electricity base is out.  Having just one phone that works without having to be plugged in to the electric outlet will help your house stay communicating when the �lights are out�.

Does your stove require electricity?
Using an all-electric stove could be troublesome if you were suddenly without power.  Having a grill in the back yard that runs on propane gas will get you through even the worst days where you need to make some type of dinner for your family.  Having a gas stove in your kitchen means that you can light the top of the stove (the pilot light) with a match, and you can cook no matter how long the lights go out!

Does your fridge require electricity?
One of the more difficult things that you will have to deal with when the electricity is gone for a few days is your fridge.  When the refrigerator is off more than ten hours you can find it very difficult to keep items in the fridge cold. If it is cold outside you can keep milk outside.  If you have access to get ice, putting your meats in a cooler with ice will keep them from spoiling for at least another day while you can get more ice or use the meat.

When the lights go out can be the wrong time to think about how you would keep your family warm, fed and together.  Planning when building your home or renovating your home can help you make the choices that will provide for you and your family even when there is no electricity in the house

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