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Photographs. Use photographs for holiday decorating

The holidays are coming fast and no matter what type of celebration that you are going to have or participate in, you will find that your own mood will be better when you decorate your home.  Even the smallest little items of decoration can bring joy to your day and remind you about the special holiday season.

Because there are so many different religious holidays I would like to talk about the meaning of decorating and how you can use decorations to brighten your home while reminding your of special moments and times in your life that you should associate with the up coming holidays.

One great way to bring your family together, to share stories about special holiday moments is to use the photographs that you have been collecting over the years and display them in a manner that is also a decoration.  For example, the children over the years have all had special outfits, presents, and trips to Santa�s lap or similar experiences that you can use to your advantage.  Creating one large picture that uses all the smaller pictures is a great wall decoration as well as a wonderful conversation piece.  Using a large colored poster board, use all the smaller pictures and hang them on this board while writing small quips under or around the different photos.

Along this similar line of photos from the various years of when the children were growing up, you can use photographs and put them on plain balls for the tree, for decorating a string along a windowsill or even by putting these balls in a basket that will sit in the middle of the table.  Even though not all religions use a tree in holiday celebrations, there are still a number of ways that you can use holiday decorating balls with photographs of the children at various ages to decorate your home.

If you have access to a laminator, you can laminate photos of the children in their various stages of growing, of you and your spouse through different portions of your life and hang them all over the fridge to make a special holiday remembrance display.  A creative use of photos helps the holidays and your family to be closer as you reflect on your life and the happiness in your lifetime.

Old Christmas or holiday cards that you have saved from year to year make great frames for new holiday photos.  Using your instant camera or you digital camera, you can take pictures of classmates, your spouse, your children, the pets, neighbors friends and relatives to use in a holiday display.  Cut out the center of the holiday card so you can put the picture on the back of the card and the front of the card will be a picture frame. This is a great way to dress up any type of new or old photos to create a personal and wonderful holiday display.

Saving pictures from year to year and adding on to your holiday photo display is another way of building a family tradition that every one will remember.  Having each member of the family adding on one photo that is their favorite of another person in the family to build the display, every year is going to bring special meanings to everyone who sees it.

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