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Conditioning Natural color

Submitted by kristen

If you use johnson & johnson baby shampoo it will bring out

1. hair color
2.strenghten hair
3.smooth hair
4.shiny hair

you will love it!!!!

Visitors comments

Great Comments By: Sagar Chowdhury on 2004-07-17
I tried the baby shampoo and I got many advantages. Thanks for the tip.
a lil insight Comments By: anon on 2004-07-22
Baby shampoo is only for babies that is why it is called baby shampoo... You use it on baby's to remove cradle cap. Yes this does work to get achieve these claims but also is too harsh for adult or mature hair.
I Agree Comments By: Amanda on 2004-08-01
If you put baby shampoo before you wash your hair...its really goin to work for your hair by making it shiner...etc.
it works-ish Comments By: Anon on 2008-02-16
using baby shampoo does work great and your hair and it makes it feel really soft...however, not all of them are that great. The one by johnsons is okay, but i found it to be too toug for my hair and it really dried it out. Whereas the one by Boots is fantastic - it made my hair all nice and soft again! :)

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