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How to keep a rug from sliding around the floor

Go to the automotive department at your local Wal-Mart and purchase a can of Rubberized undercoating and spray it on the bottom of the rug. A can of this will do several rugs and only costs $2.99 compared to that sticky tape which can cost you over $10.

Submitted by Chad Miles

Tipking Says
Wal-Mart is a US store that sells almost anything. You could find a similar product in a vehicle maintenance shop

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but will it stain? Comments By: Candy on 2006-05-22
I have a high pile white carpet that I have runners on that always slide and bunch up. I've tried nailing it down and all kids of tape for rugs and nothing works and I don't want to ruin the carpet underneath the rug either
You can also... Comments By: Jessie on 2006-11-24
... use rubber cement.

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