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Cure carpet indentations

If you have moved an item of furniture and you are left with indentations in your carpet from the legs or castors. Try one of the following tips to remove the indentation.

First of all a quick fix for indentations in a carpet is an ice cube. Simply pop an ice cube in the indentation and allow it to melt. As it slowly melts the moisture will seep into the fibers and plump them up again.

Another way is to hold a steam iron over the area where the indentation is. Make sure that the iron does not touch the fibers. Allow the steam to penetrate the carpet. The fibers should spring back into their original position. You can also use a brush to fluff up the pile after steaming.

You can protect your carpet from furniture castors. Save your old coffee jar lids and place them upside down on the carpet and place the castors inside.

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