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Windows 3.1/95/98 Software

You can often find some very good value software these days. The only drawback is that often the software is for Microsoft 95/98 and sometimes it is for Win3.1. Many people panic when they see that it is not for a modern operating system, however there is no need to. I have created this page to try to alleviate any worries anyone might have and to help anyone who is having any problems they might have in installing a piece of software.

To start with I am not a PC genius. I have just picked up this knowledge as I go along. So if it is not quite right then don't shoot the messenger, I am just trying to help:-) The following advice will work for Win 3.1/95/98

With any new software I have found this the best to do is. While your PC running, make sure that no applications are running. Insert the CD and wait...Quite a lot of software applications will run automatically. A welcome screen will appear and guide you through the installation process.

If nothing happens then I would advise you to restart your PC and see if it automatically runs again. If not then you need to double click on your 'My Computer' icon. You will see the CD sitting there (Usually your D drive). Double click on the CD icon and see what happens.

Two things might happen. First the application might kick in and start the installation process. Secondly it might just open the window to the CD. If nothing happens then you might need to right click on the CD and select explore.

So you have the main CD window open. You will see loads of stuff in there. what you need to look for is an icon called either

  • install.exe
  • run.exe
  • setup.exe

Double click on it and the install process should run and away you go.

If you have installed the software and you are struggling to find out how to start you program. Then click on START go to PROGRAMS and in there you will see the application waiting to go.

I hope this is of help.. Because other than that you may need to contact the supplier

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