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Ever been short changed?

Have you ever been shopping and been shortchanged. You know what I mean, you don't get the right amount of change in return?

I am sure that it has happened to all of us at one time or another. The situation is, you hand over a twenty and the clerk insists it was a ten, and you can't get the correct change back. So you raise a scene until the manager comes along and says that they will have to wait until the end of the day to count out the drawer. After they count the receipts they will contact you if the drawer is over. Well you don't have to take this ever again using this great tip

When you are handing over a larger denomination note, say a twenty, fifty or larger be sure to glance at the last 4 digits of the serial number. Say the last 4 numbers are '3467'. Just keep them in your mind as you hand the money over to the clerk.

Then if the cashier shortchanges you, all you need to do is tell her that you get fed up with this happening all the time and that you are not going to wait until the end of the day when the drawer is counted.

This is when you are going to tell him or her the last four digits of the dollar that you just have them. As you know the last four digits on the dollar you are going to get their complete attention. They will then match the note you gave over.

Be aware that some shops will still refuse to hand over your change, and that you will need to be more pursuasive yet. The reason behind this is they may feel that you are trying to pull a scam over on them. However it does help, especially at garage sales and markets when you point this four digits out on your dollar amount to get your correct change back!

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