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Stretch your shoes

Are your shoes a little on the tight side? There is no need to buy a shoe stretcher, I have a few tips that will help you get your shoes back into the shape you desire..

  • A very old tip for making shoes a little more roomy. Find a potato that fits snugly into the shoe, peel it then push it into the shoe and leave overnight. If this does not stretch the shoe enough, try a larger potato.

  • This tip is so simple yet very effective. Use plastic food bags, quart size, and fill with water to fit your shoes. Then put them in the freezer. As the water freezes it stretches the shoes.

  • This tip was passed down by a boot salesman. Just use ordinary rubbing alcohol to stretch your shoes. Wet the leather with alcohol and put the boot/shoe on while it is wet. The alcohol dries quickly and does not dry out or crack the leather like water does. It really does work!

  • There is also a product called 'shoe stretch'. I am not sure if you will be able to find it or something similar where you live. It is available in shoe stores. Basically you spray it onto the tight shoe before wearing them and it will help the shoe to stretch. Especially good if you have gained a few pounds, as that is the time when our shoes feel a little tighter.

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Potato in shoe works Comments By: Painful feet on 2010-08-29
Try it it works
stretch tight shoes Comments By: Ladydigger on 2011-04-09
The way I stretch leather shoes is to put on a very thick pair of socks, or several layers of thin socks, squeeze my foot into the shoe and blast the tight spots with a hairdryer. Leave the shoe on until it is completely cooled and voila! Well fitting, comfortable shoes.

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