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Shoes. 22 tips to keep your shoes shiny and comfortable

Here are 22 tips that will help you keep your shoes in tip top condition and also make them a little more comfortable.

  1. To make leather shoes waterproof, you can coat them with boiled linseed oil. Do this three times, allowing to dry outdoors between rubbings if possible.

  2. If new shoes or boots squeak you can solve this problem by rubbing boiled linseed oil into the soles and around the welts.

  3. You can prevent patent leather shoes from cracking by rubbing them occasionally with petroleum jelly, milk or olive oil. As a way of prevention always polish before wearing. Storing patent leather shoes in a warm place is always a good idea, as cold can cause them to crack.

  4. You can remove scuff marks from patent leather shoes by rubbing with a little egg white. Leave to dry, and then polish as usual.

  5. New shoes can often cause blisters. To solve this problem, rub the back of your new shoe with soap. This will soften the leather making the shoe a better fit.

  6. Are your gold or silver evening shoes looking a little tired? You can freshen them by wiping them lightly with cotton wool dampened with soapy water. Once dry store them in dark tissue paper to prevent tarnishing.

  7. If your suede shoes are looking a little flat you can raise the nap by holding them over a steaming kettle. Once dry raise the nap with a suede brush.

  8. Cleaning white leather shoes, belts or bags need not be a problem if you applying a little cleansing milk on a pad of cotton wool. Leave for 10 minutes then polish with a dry duster.

  9. A general tip for cleaning suede is to brush over with lemon juice, then steam for a few seconds. Brush with a suede brush.
  10. Here are a couple of clever alternatives for cleaning your shoes and put a beautiful shine on them. Rub a banana skin over them. On brown shoes use the pithy side of a lemon.

  11. Baking soda sprinkled inside shoes will absorb smells.

  12. Children�s shoes can become so badly scuffed that they won�t take the polish. If that is the case rub them with a piece of a raw potato, then I apply your regular polish.

  13. A good way of preventing shoes from becoming scuffed is to spray them with hairspray and the polish won�t come off so easily. Or apply nail varnish to places that are frequently scuffed.

  14. You can get in quite a mess when you are cleaning sandals or openwork shoes, a simple solution to this problem is to slip a plastic bag over your hand holding the sandal. This will stop your hand becoming stained by the polish or cleaner.

  15. Grease is really hard to remove from light coloured shoes or suede. So never wear good shoes when you are cooking.

  16. If you have a scratch on your leather you can hide it with a matching crayon.

  17. Sea water can stain leather shoes. To combat this stain try wiping thoroughly with warm water, then apply olive oil generously. Leave to stand a few days while the oil is absorbed, then polish.

  18. If you are faced with wet shoes, you can dry them crumpled newspaper stuffed inside the shoes, also wrap each shoe in newspaper. Leave in a warm place so that the paper absorbs the moisture.

  19. If you have a tin of shoe polish that has become hard and dry you can still use it if you try the following. Add a little vinegar, a few drops of paraffin, olive oil or turpentine substitute, then place the tin in a warm place a few minutes.

  20. Once in a while your shoe brushes should be cleaned. This will remove all the caked polish. To do this soak them in warm soapy water containing l tbsp (20m1) turpentine. Rinse in clean, warm water, then again in cold water. Then dry thoroughly.

  21. If the ends of shoe laces have become frayed, dip them in nail varnish.

  22. If you have dyed a pair of shoes you will find that after time the heels will start to loose their new colour. If you give the heels a coat of clear nail varnish the colour will last longer.
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Polish patent leather shoes? Comments By: Gary on 2004-10-20
Polish patent leather shoes? What kind of polish are you talking about? I'm confused because another site states: "don't use polish on buckskins or patent leather-you've been warned!"
How To clean Nubuck shoes Comments By: Barbara Rawlings on 2009-10-19
I would very much like to know how to clean ''nubuck shoes ' the 'greenway'
What's a linseed oil? Comments By: Ariz Tina on 2010-02-22
What's a linseed oil anyway? I haven't heard of that kind of oil. How different is it from an ordinary oil? Lik baby oil perhaps?!
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Thank you!

Linseed oil Comments By: Keiran on 2011-08-28
Linseed oil is flax oil. Flax oil is the general term when it is used as a nutritional oil. Processing methods are usually clean, involving cold pressing.

Linseed oil is the general term when it is used for industrial applications. Processing methods are usually solvent based and it is not a good idea to consume linseed oil orally.

Linseed oil penetrates and hardens as well as darkens.

It is often used in wood working to give a natural varnish and darken a light colored wood - especially on fretboards.

Boiled linseed oil will have vegetable matter and proteins separated to the top, then skimmed, resulting in a very clean and stable product. It will also force reactions with all nutritionally useful parts of the oil, but it is a good process for utility use.

Lin is the french word for Flax. Linen is fabric made from fibers from the stalk of the flax plant.


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