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Winter Time Tips for passing the time

Wintertime is one of those seasons where anyone can find himself or herself with nothing much to do besides watching the television or playing online. If you are interested in finding a few hobbies for yourself, we have compiled a list of things to do in the winter months for adults! Adults need a little exercise, of both the mind and body to keep that cabin fever at bay and to make it through the long winter months. Here are a few great and inexpensive ideas for any adult to do during the winter.

Think about the hobbies that you do: coin collecting, stamp collection, baseball cards, pictures, autographs and any other type of collections that you might have. If you haven't looked at these collections for some time you might really enjoy taking a day and looking back through all of your goodies, arranging your collection, or going online to an auction and finding a few new pieces for your collection. This can turn into an activity that will take a few days if you have an extensive collection that you haven't been working with for sometime.

Do you like to sew, crotched, knit or do patchwork? Find a new pattern, and work on a new craft until you have finished it. Even a task of taking care of all the stuff in your sewing and mending pile is enough to keep your busy for a day, or if your pile doesn't exist, try making a pillow, a towel, a new wall hanging or a pair of curtains. Sometimes a change in the colors and what you look at everyday in your home can make you feel like you have really accomplished something and it doesn't have to be all that expensive either!

Have a pile of photographs, negatives, or pictures on your computer? Make a collection of these photographs for your children, grandchildren, friends, neighbors or whoever might like them. If you have a collection of photos that you usually don't print off, making copies and giving them to others will create memories for a lifetime!

Everyone has a cupboard, a drawer, or a shelf that is full of old papers; stuff to file away, bills to sort through and mail that just needs look after. Going through this paper stash and sorting out what is important and what is advertisements or junk is a task that many of us put off for a long time, but the mid winter months it is a good time to clean out all the little shelves and stashes like this. Be sure to keep your most important papers in one place in your home, such as in a chest, file cabinet or in a fireproof box so that you can easily find them when you most need them.

Need a bit of exercise beyond the walking to the car, shoveling the sidewalk or walking the dog? In the middle of winter, you can often find all types of exercise programs on television that you can work out with. You don't have to purchase a tape or get a weigh lifting set when you follow the aerobic workouts that are on the television most any morning of the week. If you haven't been exercising in a while, you could just do five or ten minutes the first day, and then increase as you feel stronger. If you have access, taping or putting the show on a dvd will allow you to do your exercise routine anytime of the day or night when you have the time or the need to put your body in motion.

Cleaning your house is another way that you can add more exercise to your day. Scrubbing the walls, washing windows or dusting down the ceilings are going to be some of those chores that you really don't do too often but you can find yourself exercising and cleaning all day when you set your mind to it!

If you haven't read a good book in a while, grabbing a book from the shelf and reading it all day is going to really make you feel as if you spent some time doing something for yourself- relaxing! The winter months, the cold outside usually means that it is a good time to pamper yourself, taking it easy and slowing down life so you can enjoy more. Enjoy your slow time now in the middle of winter, and think about all the excitement of summer that is yet to come, you could start planning your summer vacation now

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