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Tupperware toys for your children

Submitted by Linda Crompton Sr. Exec. Mgr with Tupperware

It seems that children get bored easily, especially with long periods of time off! Some of the things that you may be able to do is:-

Use your Bake n Take container for a palette.

The Midget containers are excellent for storing small craft items which won't get lost for googly eyes or small items that can end up scattered.

The Modular mates are good for organizing children's toys and craft items. They are easily stackable and you can label them with the contents, which are easily visible. They are also good for keeping outside toys dry from the moisture and humidity.

Spice shakers make great bug containers. When your child catches that bug and wants to keep it, or watch it move about...spice shakers have the holes in one side of the seal that will act as the breather holes...They are also great for packing small amounts of powder or cornstarch on a trip...

Consider using the Salad Spinner for spin art.

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