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Beach Ball Easily repair a punctured beach ball

Don't just throw away your child's punctured beach ball. An inflatable vinyl ball can be repaired simply with a heated screwdriver.

Inflate the ball slightly and plunge it into a bucket of water. identify where the bubbles are coming from, take out the ball, dry it and mark the puncture holes with chalk.

Heat a screwdriver over a gas flame or with a blowtorch, and then rub it back and forth over the puncture. The vinyl will melt and close.

Leave to harden for 5 minutes, and then reinflate.

Visitors comments

hot screwed- up Comments By: Anon on 2009-11-23
my beachball now has a jagged rip in it, as well as a small puncture.
if only I had seen the other comment! Comments By: melanie Bridge on 2010-01-13
if only I had seen the other comment! My beachball now has a jagged rip in it aswell as a small hole too!!! The plastic is too thin to be able to melt the edges together.
lame Comments By: hello19 on 2010-04-20
it will definatly not work and it reallt wont work!!!!
vinyl repair Comments By: jon bob on 2010-04-22
go to local pool shop and pick up pvc repair kit, it comes with glue and 2 big sheets of pvc to repair anything from pools, too beachballs! got mine at lesiles pool supply

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