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Finger paints. Make your child some finger paints

You can make finger paints to keep your kids occupied on those rainy days! What you will need: two cups of cool water, three tablespoons of sugar, mixing spoon, some newspapers, one half cup of cornstarch, non toxic paints, a few small gravy or baby jars and a sauce pan.

Mix both the cornstarch and the sugar together in a saucepan and then add the water. Wisk this mixture together and then heat making sure that you keep stirring it the entire time while you are cooking. This will get thick fast so watch and keep your heat low. When the mixture is thick but will still drop from a spoon like icing would, you are ready to mix. Divide up this mixture into your jars (how many colors you want to make), make sure you put newspaper on the counter where you are working to keep your mess under control. Add the non toxic paints to your mixtures in the jar and stir in the colors. Now you are ready to get painting!

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