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Salt Beads, Make salt beads with your children

To make salt beads you are going to need:

1/2-cup salt, 1/4-cup cornstarch, 1-drop food coloring and 1 drop perfume if you like.

Mix the salt and the cornstarch together.  Next you will need to pour in water and coloring. Cook until the mixture is thick. Add perfume drops. Mix well until smooth. Form the dough into beads. After making the small beads then run a pin through while they are still moist where you can later put a string. Let dry well, sitting for 4 to 5 days and then you can use the beads to make something great!

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water? Comments By: anon on 2007-02-23
How much water is needed?

TipKing says:I would think just enough to bind the salt and cornstarch.


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