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Reading is so important for your child

If you have young children it is important that you instill a factor of reading in their life.  Too often children are more reliant on television and video games for enjoyment than they are for reading.  Remember back to your childhood, when you were bored or hand nothing to do � you curled up with a good book on your bed or on the couch and passed the hours away.  Teaching your children that reading is great and enjoyable is not as difficult as it might seem to be.

A few ways that you can put more reading in your own life that will teach your children that reading is great are some of the following:

When you are waiting in the car for one of the other kids � read a magazine, newspaper, or book.  Read to your child during this time as well.

If you are waiting in line at the grocery store, read the headlines on the magazines. Read the ones that are appropriate to your children.

When you get the paper on the weekends, read the comics to your children. Teach your children that reading can be funny along with the photos in the pictures.

Buy your children books for holidays and birthdays that feature their favorite super hero�s to promote reading.

Have your child keep a journal of what they do or think about everyday. Even writing just two sentences a day before dinnertime is a great way for them to remember that reading and writing are basic functions.  Have them read funny portions out loud if they would like to you while you are making dinner.

Keep a stack of books and magazines in the living area, the family area where the children are often watching television.  When the children want to pick up a new book they are going to be close at hand.

Books that might interest kids the most are about animals, adventures, scary stories, stories about princesses and so much more that you can choose from.

Keep books on the shelves where the play station or x box games are kept.  Even if these are magazines about the games that they play on the television or on the computer, they are going to want to read through these magazines when they realize how much information is found in them �yet they are still going to be reading.

Use books stacks on their dresser for when they are not tired at night but would like something else to do.  Reading a book in bed was one of the great past times at one point in history � they will be learning while they are waiting on getting tired at the same time.

Teach your child to give just one book to someone at Christmas time.  When children learn that someone else just loves books, they are going to realize that books must have something interesting in them.  Keep a bookshelf no matter how small in the living room, in the playroom and in the bedroom so that these books can add charm and color to every room in the home.

When you have a little corner of the room that is empty, create a pretty bookshelf that is going to express that room.  In the kitchen a shelf with a few cookbooks, in the playroom a shelf with a few books about baseball cards or dolls, or in the bedroom a book shelf where books about fantasy or cartoon for the child that age � they are going to be appreciated while adding so much to the space and d�cor of a room.

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