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Fishing. Great fishing Tips with Children

The love of the outdoors and fishing is something that you often need to teach your children. Children can get caught up in the excitement of living day to day, going to the arcade, playing the computer or the video games, and often forget about what goes on outside of the house. Outside of the house, you have been fishing for years, or at least trying to make the time to get out fishing. Taking your child with you fishing is going to put the two of you back into the �hands� of nature, where you can bond, have fun and get a way from the city life at least just for a while if nothing else.

Some things to remember when taking children fishing:

Do not expect to get a lot of fishing �in� yourself until your child is a bit older and able to hook, bait, and reel their fish in their selves. Patience is going to get you through this rough time when your child needs your attention the most while fishing.

You are going to need plenty of hooks, a back up rod, a set of clothes in case they fall in, and you will need a good deal of snacks. The fresh air will make your children hungrier then they might have been in front of the television.

Remember that wherever you are located, some local laws require that you each have a fishing license; others require those above a certain age to have a fishing license. If you are going fishing, check with your local authorities just to make sure what licenses you need or possibly do not need!

Take lots of bait. Children are known to spill and leave bait behind. Having lots of bait on hand will mean that you do not have to make that trip back to town when you run out of bait quickly.

When Preparing to Leave

Be sure you have a plan, where you are going, what you are fishing for, and what type of bait to take. Sometimes just driving down the road is not the best plan as the fish could be eating something different than what you have planned.

As you are preparing to leave for your fishing trip, make sure that you have a few changes of clothes for any child in case they would fall in the water, get too dirty or just need more warm clothes. It is a good idea to take extra with you as well in case you have to jump in the water and get a fish out!

Be sure that everyone going has boots. Boots are a big part of going fishing so you can stand in the mud or partially in the water if need be.

Take those snacks along so you can eat something in case you do not get enough fish to eat for supper. Speaking of supper � take lots of matches so you can light the fire. Sometimes this is a thing that is �forgotten� about.

It is important to take a pair of nail clippers to cut your string when it is tangled in the tree. Knives are a little more dangerous when you have children around.

Take along a pair of walkie-talkies so you can keep an ear out for kids when they go back in the woods out of your sights.

A cooler of ice is a great way to transport fish all day while you are fishing and having great luck at it.

Keep in mind if you are left or right handed and your child is the opposite � sometimes it is hard for them to catch onto what you are doing if they are not the same as you!

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