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Bicycles. Bike Riding Fun

The bicycle is a great form of exercise no matter how old you are. With spring already here and summer not far behind, it is time to start thinking about exercise, how to get the family together, and spending time outdoors where you don’t have to spend lots of money! In this article, I want to tell you a little about how to spend time together while still having fun.  If you are single, this is also a great way to get to know others, and a good way to spend your time outdoors where no one questions if you are by yourself either.

First let’s think a little about safety:
It is important that you do not plan your bike ride on the major highway during the busiest times. This is when you can most expect an accident to occur. You should always wear light colored clothing so that you don’t absorb too much sunlight or heat in at one time to become overwhelmed with the temperatures. Dehydration is a difficult thing to over come when you are ten miles from home. The lightest colors of clothes also help drivers see you, and if you happen to fall on the road, or over the embankment, someone is more likely to notice you lying there instead of going right by you when you need medical attention (not that it actually happens that much!)

Learn your safety signals and use them. If you have to travel on the road, signaling will help drivers behind you realize that you are making a turn. You do have to stop at stop signs and at traffic lights as others vehicles do,  so pay attention to road signs and stop lights for safety.

When children ride alone:
It is important that you know exactly where they are going incase you need to find them when they are not home at least you have a route to start with. Always make your child tell you where they are going and when they will return when they are going for a bike ride.

Put reflectors on your child’s bike. Even older children who think they don’t need reflectors should have them – and you too! Reflectors help drivers realize that a biker is on the road, or on the path, so they can slow down as needed and avoid hitting you.

Helmets are a law in most places now and you need to stress the importance of wearing a helmet to your children. Never let your child leave for a bike ride without their helmet – it is great protection.

Give your child, no matter how old they are, a lock for their bike. When a bike is stolen, it can be traumatic and expensive. A lock that will help your children protect their bike is always welcomed.

Riding somewhere new:
Find new places to ride your bike if you are bored where you are riding your bike currently. What you need to do is find a state park that allows bikes, trails that are created just for bike riders or even historical trails along railways – these are great places you can see nature, ride your bike and catch a few rays of sunshine all at the same time.

Take your bike to the beach, ride in the early morning when the sand is wet and stuck together as it is great exercise while peaceful at the same time. Beaches offer you miles and miles of riding no matter what time of the day you might like to go. Many resorts offer bike trails, bike rentals and bike riding as a part of their vacation plans – check it out if you love bike riding.

Bike Clubs
Around the world, you will find many types of bike clubs that are popping up where you can meet other bikers. There are bike clubs that are into bird watching, there are bike clubs that are into mountain biking – no matter what type of bike riding you like, there is bound to be a bike club for you. Many bike clubs are listed on line, stating how to become a member, what trails they ride, when rides are scheduled and so much more.

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