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Sunburn Cold milk

Another tip is to dip a cotton wool ball into some cold milk and apply to the affected area. It will relieve the pain and prevents the blisters.

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Got Sunburn? Comments By: suzanne on 2007-08-13
I just got home from the beach. I am a very pale woman and got so busy playing with the family and applying their sunscreen , I forgot me. 2 days later i was still flaming red and found this site it said cold milk . i poured the milk straight on the burn WOW instant relief. i suggest to do this in the shower and then rinse off with cool water.
word Comments By: anon on 2008-06-08
i didnt try this yet but im going to right now
WoW!!! Comments By: THKE0601 on 2008-06-18
I just tried this and it totally worked. The pain subsitied right after the shower. My only suggestion is don't skimp on the milk really pour alot of it on the burn and rinse off in the shower.
Amazing ! I love this solution for sunburn relief! Comments By: Anonymous on 2011-07-05
I just tried it right now. Omg, instant relief. Now, I can finally sleep on my back without having to feel the pain!

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