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Sunburn Vinegar in the bath

Pour a complete small size bottle of white vinegar in a bath of luke warm water and soak in it for about 15 minutes or longer if desired, it will relieve the pain of sunburn immediately and the redness that comes the sunburn and helps prevent peeling.

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WOW Comments By: Catherine on 2007-11-28
Wow I did not know that. That is so cool how you can use vinegar to just get rid of simple sunburns. I know if I ever get a sunburn again this is the tip I'm going to try.

it works Comments By: Sarah on 2008-05-26
just got a horrible sunburn and my mother always used vinegar...Just put some into a spray bottle and spray it over the sunburnt areas. Let it sit and reapply for about 15 min.
Awww Relief Comments By: Sheri on 2008-05-31
I am fair skinned and had many a bad sunburn as a child...usually when in the care of someone other than my mom. Anyway, my mom always stuck me in a vinegar bath or she would soak towels in the sink or tub of water and vinegar and lay them all over my body. You can feel the heat being drawn away from your body and it is such a relief from the pain of sunburn!
No kidding here Comments By: Tarni on 2008-12-21
this is an amazing remedie. I had very bad 2nd degree burns on my shoulders chest and back and the morning after i recieved the burn i jumped right into a luke warm bath(not too cold) containing white vinegar it was AMAZING i could literally feel the burn drawing out, an utter miracle!!! If u are suffering the pain of sunburn you cant pass this treatment!!
Brilliant Comments By: Lynsey on 2009-05-26
Amazing. I've just had a luke warm bath with white vinegar and already the tightness is reducing. I got badly sunburnt two days ago and I'm still in agony. This really works. Already looking forward to another bath......
No doubt about it! Comments By: Rob on 2009-06-23
This is a very great HOME remedy thats a quick-fix for any sore, itchy, burning sunburn.. Try it!
boo Comments By: anon on 2010-03-21
i tried this and it didnt work at all.. waste of vinegar for sure.
Works GREAT! Comments By: sillymama on 2010-04-14
I never heard of this till about 2 weeks ago I got badly sunburned & my boyfriend said they did the vinegar baths when he was little & OMG It worked SOOOOOO great!!! Took the burn right out!
it works Comments By: thesunburntguy on 2010-05-21
i used white vinegar noticed the tightness went straight away and a bit of the burning, nice one :)
it relly works!! Comments By: Anon on 2010-05-31
i had a very bad sunburn and i tried this and it took the burn out right away! ( use luke warm water) relifing!! i suggest this to anyone with burs,sunburns!!!!
yhea!!!!!! Comments By: eg on 2010-06-09
I got a horrible sunburn on my stomach and chest (bikini burn) I laid around for 2 days in extreme pain refusing to get into a bath because i thought the pain would be worse.. I finally crawled into a luke warm vinegar bath and it was amazing... im still in a bit of pain but not nearly as bad...... I took 3 vinegar baths in one day (laid in water for about 15 min) and ive gone from a horrible burning pain to a light itching
The best treatment ever Comments By: Nano on 2010-06-28
I did this as a kid when I got burned real bad at the beach. Took the sting right out. But boy, did it ever smell funny.
Okay, I guess! Comments By: Brittany on 2011-05-10
I'm guessing it depends on how bad the sunburn is. I was at the beach from 9 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon. I am hurting VERY badly and I took the vinegar bath and soaked for 20 minutes. It's helping a little but it hasn't taken away ALL of the sting and burn.
hell no never again Comments By: Anon on 2011-04-26
it only helped me get my sunburns worse and it HURTSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! note to self:keep mouth closed while dunking head.
I'm impressed! Comments By: Iggy on 2011-05-23
2 days ago I sat on a boat on a lake for 5 hours with no sunscreen. Needless to say I was burnt to a crisp (litterally).

So I tried everything! Then I saw this.

I was mildly dissapointed when my white vinegar infused bath didn't work. I was just about to complain about it just now when I realized something.

I can lift my arms. I can move. I'm not in pain when I'm just sitting around.

This worked--AMAZING.

NOT WORKING Comments By: KIM UTZ on 2011-06-01
Almost forgot about this remedy! Comments By: Robert on 2011-06-12
I did this once or twice as a kid, but totally forgot about it. Herd some one mention it today, but had no clue how to administer it. Only had about a cup and a half of vinegar left, so results weren't what they could be. My spots (missed 2 spots with lotion today) feel more mild, and the parts that got lotioned were a little red prior, and now you have to see them in the right light to see pink. Defiantly going out to the store tomorrow for more vinegar
Ahhhight relief Comments By: Angela on 2011-07-30
My dad has used this for years. I use about half a gallon of white vinegar in a full tub. It's the best soothe for the sting ever!!!! I'm fair skinned and burn even if I use sun block so this is a life saver.

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